Just a happy running  mum who is running for her health and happiness. I have been running for the past eight years but it’s only in the last year I feel I’m actually starting to make progress . I have been lucky enough to run the London marathon  although due to injury I wasn’t anywhere near fit enough for it so just hauled myself round…..BUT I made it and got my medal. Since then I’ve completed 10K‘s and the Skye half marathon and am loving the challenge that each race brings and the new people I meet along the way.

Running helps me feel happy and gives me such a great feeling .

2018 Races

  • March- Inverness half marathon
  • April- Manchester Marathon
  • May- Stornoway half marathon
  • June- Skye half marathon
  • July- Harris half marathon
  • August-
  • September-
  • October-
  • November
  • December-

Feeling blessed to live on the Isle of Lewis which is just off the west coast of Scotland.